Looking for a Pharmacist-in-Charge In Our Pharmacy

Responsibilities include overseeing the daily business operations of a pharmacy, including dispensing prescription medication, patient counseling. Other duties include managing the pharmacy, staff and pharmacy inventory and ensuring the safe handling of controlled substances and non-controlled drugs.

  • Patient counseling on medication side effects, drug interactions and storage of prescription and non-prescription medicines.
  • Counsel patients about any significant drug-drug and drug-food interactions.
  • Verify any discrepancies on prescriptions by contacting the prescriber.
  • Follow aseptic technique to prepare and administer vaccination for different age groups.
  • Perform MTM to help patients maintain adherence by identifying their potential barriers.
  • Maintain perpetual inventory of all controlled substances and documented the quantity in stock.
  • Train pharmacy technicians on how to manage workflow in a community pharmacy setting. Inform prescribers about therapeutically equivalent drugs covered under the insurance plan.
  • Verify all prescriptions are billed for the correct medication, quantity, and days’ supply before dispensing.
  • Complete continuing education credits to stay updated about new advances in pharmacy.
  • Advise patients on selection of over-the-counter medicines for common illness such as flu, allergy, headaches, cold sores etc.
  • Educate patients about use and handling of blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors or some over the counter self-diagnostic kits.
  • Provide specialized education programs and health promotions to help patients to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension etc.
  • Accept and assess the appropriateness of prescription in accordance with patient’s medication history.
  • Support physicians/ physician assistants and nurse practitioners’ request on alternate medication option for patients.
  • Support, pharmacy team members such as pharmacy technicians or clerks to achieve patient service and sales goals.
  • Ensure compliance with federal and state laws by maintaining all patients’ records and pharmacy staffs’ credentials up to date.
  • Ensure the pharmacy stays compliant with Texas State Board of Pharmacy rules and regulations.

Minimum requirement: Bachelor Degree is required in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Science or Pharmaceutics and State Pharmaceutical License